Sportsoffer during autumn break

During the autumn break KdG Campus South will close it’s doors. On the 1st and 2nd of November de University of Antwerp will do the same. Here you have an overview of this weeks sportsoffer:


Monday 29 October

UAntwerp City Centre Campus:

  • 17:30h – 18:30h: Cross Workout
  • 18:30h – 19:30h: Taebo
  • 19:30h – 20:30h: BBB
  • 20:30h – 23:00h: Basketball

Park Spoor Noord:

  • 18:30h – 19:30h: Bootcamp


  • 20:00h – 21:30h: Swimming


Tuesday 30 October

UAntwerp City Centre Campus:

  • 19:00h – 20:00h: Running Club Sportsticker

Wilrijkse Pleinen:

  • 20:00h – 22:00h: Rugby


Wednesday 31 October

UAntwerp Campus Drie Eiken:

  • 18:30h – 19:30h: Yoga
  • 19:30h – 20:30h: Total Body Workout
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