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Get your UAntwerpen Plus Pass

The sale of the UAntwerpen Plus Pass will remain open. As soon as you purchase your UAntwerpen Plus Pass online, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and you can join our (online) sports offer. The letter will be send at a later time (tba).


Who can obtain the UAntwerpen Plus Pass?
What is the UAntwerpen Plus program?
What is the price of the UAntwerpen Plus Pass?
Am I insured with the UAntwerpen Plus Pass?
Can I get a refund of the Flemish Health Care Insurances?
How does the UAntwerpen Plus Pass looks like?
How to buy the UAntwerpen Plus Pass?





Only students, staff and alumni of the University of Antwerp, Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool, AMS and Linguapolis are able to obtain the UAntwerpen Plus Pass.

Attention: If you unsubscribe from your study program during the academic year, your Sporsticker will remain valid but you will no longer be insured.



The Pass gives access to the complete UAntwerpen Plus culture and sports program, and the complete sports program of the Antwerp University Association (known as Sportsticker). The entire program of Sportsticker is also available on this website.



The price of the UAntwerpen Plus Pass is €25 for students, staff and alumni. The UAntwerpen Plus Pass is valid from 1 July 2019 until 30 June 2020.



An injury / accident happens quickly when you do sports. Students and staff are always insured, though alumni and pensioners are not covered . If you are alumni or retired and you injure yourself during an activity of UAntwerpen Plus Pass you are not insured and you can (partially) reclaim your expenses through your own health insurance.



The UAntwerpen Plus Pass is refunded completely or partly by the Flemish Health Care Insurances (Mutualiteiten), if a membership with such an insurance is in place. Upon receipt of your UAntwerpen Plus Pass you automatically receive an offical form to apply for a refund.



The UAntwerpen Plus Pass is a sticker which is attached to the Student/Staff card or Alumni card.




Registration at  the University of Antwerp

When you register online for the University of Antwerp through SisA, you are able to opt for the UAntwerpen Plus Pass. If you choose this option, an invoice will be sent to your address. After payment, the UAntwerpen Plus Pass & unique code are mailed to your address of stay. With this code you can complete your profile*:


*A profile is necessary to participate at the sports offer


This website

Please register by clicking the link below. After payment, the UAntwerpen Plus Pass is mailed to your address of stay.
Registration for your UAntwerpen Plus Pass here.


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